by Brad Bollenbach

Welcome to 30 sleeps, the online community for dreamchasers!

What is 30 sleeps?

30 sleeps is a web application and online community designed to help you realize your ideal life. Whether you already have clear goals in mind, or feel a bit lost and need help figuring out what you want, or how to go about getting it, we’re here to help.

At 30zzz (thirty zees), you can set new goals, discuss your goals with your friends, motivate and support each other, and keep up with everyone’s latest adventures.

Why “30 sleeps”?

The name was inspired by an article by Steve Pavlina called 30 Days to Success, which describes how to make significant life changes easier, by breaking them up into 30 day chunks.

The goals you create on can have any time frame, but we think 30 days can be a great way to start.

What’s the 30 sleeps blog about?

This blog is my space to think out loud on life hacking: setting goals, achieving goals, motivation, crossing the chasm from thought to action, relationships, starting a business, reporting back on my own life hacking experiments, and much more.

And, of course, this is where to look for the latest news on the 30zzz site itself.

Who’s behind 30 sleeps?

30zzz is developed and maintained by me, Brad Bollenbach. In a past life I was the Lead Developer of the official bug tracker of Ubuntu Linux. I later got into hacking Ruby on Rails, doing consulting on fairly large projects, most notably being part of the team that rolled out the new AT&T Williams Formula 1 website.

Launching 30 sleeps was, indeed, my own 30-day challenge. The site is still very new and changing, literally, every day, so stay tuned on this blog for announcements and new features.

How can I contact you?

We welcome your questions, comments, suggestions, and bug reports. Please see the contact page for how to get in touch.

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